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Standalone Appliance

No computer, software or internet needed

Varius Message Router with 8 dry contact inputs

Works right out of the box

Varius Message Router is a hardware appliance with minimal dependency – no additional computer, software or internet needed. This greatly simplifies deployment and maintenance effort. You can deploy it within minutes.

  • Secured web interface accessible from any web browser (computer or mobile device)
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection to your corporate network.
  • Quick set up within minutes.

How to access


Varius Message Router is pre-configured in Wi-Fi access point mode. Connect your notebook to its Wi-Fi network to access its web interface.

Direct Ethernet

Connect Varius Message Router to your notebook with an Ethernet cable and access its web interface.

Corporate Network

Connect Varius Message Router to your corporate network by Ethernet or Wi-Fi and access its web interface from any computer in the network.

Send alerts from offline environments

Be aware of issues happening to systems deployed in secured locations. Varius Message Router allows you to receive SMS and Telegram messages from secured and remote locations with no internet access.