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SNMP Sensor

Monitors value returned by object identifier (OID)

snmp sensor configuration

Comprehensive monitoring and alerts

The SNMP sensor allows improved flexibility in configuring rules for monitoring and alerts.

  • Configure SNMP device parameters including device IP address, port, SNMP version and community string.
  • Specify monitoring parameters including object identifier (OID), type of value returned and multiplication factor to apply to obtain meaningful results.
  • Define the measurement unit and calibration for greater accuracy.
  • Specify lower and upper threshold limits with duration for trip conditions to rule out spike conditions.
  • Configure rules for sending trip alerts, repeated trip alerts and recovery alerts.
  • Create alert profiles based on different recipients and alert channels for wider reach.
  • Receive scheduled measurement alerts for optimum visibility.

View real-time logs and daily summary

Users can view real-time logs and daily summary.

  • Real-time logs provide live information of value monitored and their status.
  • Daily summary provides the minimum, maximum and average measurements for better insights.
  • Supports filtering rules based on log date, environmental condition measurements and status.
  • Logs can be exported to Excel or other external systems for further processing.
  • Customize log retention period according to your compliance policy
SNMP sensor log normal
SNMP sensor real-time logs
SNMP sensor log summary
SNMP sensor daily summary