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SMTP Server Profiles

A SMTP server profile contains details of an SMTP server used by Varius Message Router to send email messages.

1. Manage SMTP server profiles

Navigate to Outbound Profiles > SMTP.

  1. View profile
    Select a profile from the “Profiles” dropdown list to view its details.
  2. Add profile
    Fill in new profile details and click “Insert” to add a new profile.
  3. Edit profile
    Select a profile and fill in its details. Click “Update” to save the information.
  4. Delete profile
    Select a profile and click “Delete”.
  5. Send test email
    Click “Send test” to send a test email using the selected profile. Verify that the test email is received.

Note: Restart the VMR service for any changes done.

2. SMTP server profile details

  • Profiles: List of existing profiles.
  • Default Mail Server: Enable this option to specify a profile as the default profile to use.
  • Profile Name: Name of profile.
  • Server Name/IP: Server hostname or IP address.
  • Server Port: Server port.
  • User ID: User ID to authenticate with the server.
  • Password: Password to authenticate with the server.
  • Enable SSL: Enable this option if the server implements SSL.
  • Default From Email: Sender email.
  • Test to Email: Recipient email address when “Send Test” is clicked to send a test email.