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SMTP Domains

Varius Message Router’s internal SMTP server receives email messages from applications. Varius Message Router applies messaging rules  on emails addressed to particular domains. These domains are defined in the SMTP Domains page. The default domain is 

For instance, with the Email to SMS feature, applications can send an SMS message to number 91111111 by sending an email addressed to to Varius Message Router.

1. Manage SMTP Domains

Navigate to Message Processing > SMTP Domains.

  1. View domains
    The page shows the list of domains under “Accepted SMTP Domains”.
  2. Add domain
    Fill in the new domain in “SMTP Domain Name” textbox and click “Insert” to add a new domain.
  3. Edit domain
    Edit domain details by selecting a domain and fill in its name. Click “Update” to save the information.
  4. Delete domain
    Delete a domain by selecting a domain and click “Delete”.

Note: Restart the VMR service for any changes done.

SMTP domains