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SMS to Email

Convert inbound SMS messages to email

SMS to email

Merge SMS messages into your email workflow

Centrally manage both SMS messages and emails by SMS to email conversion. In this way, SMS messages can be archived centrally by an existing email archiving solution.

For a single SMS message received, you can specify multiple email recipients and further customize the email subject and message content by adding text or custom fields such as sender mobile number. Apart from email, an inbound SMS message can be converted to other message types – URL call, SNMP trap, Syslog.

Customize your message content

Varius Message Router offers you the flexibility to customize message content for each message type:

  • Add fields from original message such as sender mobile number.
  • Add fields from contact information such as company name.
  • Add text and time.
  • Replace and remove text such as removing email footer.
  • Limit message length.
customize message recipient
Specify email recipient