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Siemens APOGEE Building Automation Software - Insight Advanced Workstation SMS Integration

Varius Message Router expands the messaging capabilities of Siemens Insight Advanced Workstation by allowing it to send SMS, email and Telegram messages. The process uses the “Email to SMS” feature by setting Varius Message Router as the SMTP server for Siemens Insight Advanced Workstation.

Insight Advanced Workstation

1. Set SMTP server

  1. Launch the Insight Advanced Workstation.
  2. Click on the Remote Notification button to access the Remote Notification module.
  3. Click Options > Settings from the top menu bar.
  4. From Systems Settings window, access the “E-Mail” tab.
  5. Set “Server Name” to Varius Message Router’s IP address and click “Save”.

2. Set recipient email address

  1. For each contact, right click and select “New E-Mail…”.
  2. Set the email address to with the format:
    <mobile_number> or <contact_group>
    Eg. If a contact’s mobile number is 91111111, his email address is

3. Test the configuration

  1. Test send SMS by clicking Options > Manual Notification….