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Environmental Sensors

Receive instant alerts for critical facilities issues

wireless temperature and humidity sensor

Gain insights into your environmental conditions

Varius Message Router delivers real-time monitoring of diverse environmental conditions:

  • Monitors temperature, humidity, power outage, flood and more.
  • Sends automated messages when issues occur.
  • Supports external sensors with dry contact output.
  • Data retention capability of more than a year.

Sensors supported


Smoke and fire

Room entry


Fluid level

How to configure

1. Define what trips a sensor

  • Temperature / humidity sensor:
    Specify temperature / humidity threshold limits and duration that triggers an alert.
    Monitoring the duration a sensor goes beyond threshold limit eliminates false alarms due to spike conditions.
  • Switch sensor:
    Specify open / close condition detected from dry contact inputs triggers an alert.

2. Define when to alert

  • Specify whether alert is sent when sensor is tripped and when sensor has recovered.
  • Specify repeat alert duration.

3. Define who to alert and how to alert

  • Create alert profiles based on different recipients and different alert channels such as email and SNMP traps.
temperature and humidity sensor configuration
Sensor configuration
sensor email alert profile
Alert profiles