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Sensors Control Panel

This page shows the current values of active sensors.

1. Working with sensors

Varius Message Router supports different types of sensors:

  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Wireless temperature and humidity sensor
  • Sensor with dry contact outputs (open / close) eg. power failure sensor, flood sensor.
  • Sensor that provides readings via SNMP OID.

Varius Message Router can be configured to send out alerts when the sensors detect non-ideal situations such as high temperature, high humidity or power failure. The alerts comes in the form of email, SMS and SNMP traps and more.

wireless temperature and humidity sensor

2. View status

From main menu, access Sensors > Sensors Control Panel.

  1. The page shows the current values of existing sensors.
  2. Edit sensors
    Click the Configuration icon to access the Sensors Configuration page to configure each sensor.
  3. View sensor logs
    Click the View Logs icon to view the sensor logs.