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Sensors Configuration

The Sensors Configuration page allows you to configure:

  1. What causes a sensor to trip.
  2. When to send alerts.
  3. What type of alerts to send.
  4. To whom the alerts are sent.

1. Manage sensors

From main menu, access Sensors > Sensors Configuration.

  1. The page shows the list of sensors and a summary of their configuration.
  2. Add sensor
    Select the sensor type dropdown list and click “Add Sensor” to add a new sensor.
  3. Edit sensor
    Edit sensor details by clicking the “edit” icon beside its name. Click “Update” to save the information.
  4. Delete sensor
    Delete a sensor by clicking the “delete” icon beside its name.

Note: Restart the VMR service for any changes done.

sensors configuration

2. Sensor details

The sensor details page differs for different types of sensors. Our example shows a temperature sensor details page.

  • Basic information
    Fill in the basic information such as sensor name and measurement unit.
    A sensor must be set to “Active” for it to be monitored by Varius Message Router.
  • Trip conditions
    Configure the conditions that cause a sensor to trip in this section.
    For a temperature sensor, you can set the lower and upper limit of the temperature range with a duration.
    For a switch sensor, you can set the trip condition to be open / close.
  • Alert conditions
    Configure when to send alerts in this section. A sensor can send alerts when it is tripped or when it has recovered. It can also send repeated alerts when it is tripped.
  • Alert mechanisms
    Configure the types of alerts in this section. You can configure a sensor to send email alert and SNMP trap by choosing the appropriate alert profile.
    Email alert if sent to Varius Message Router can be converted to SMS, Telegram messages or more.