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Send Telegram Message

Enable your applications to send Telegram messages

Inbound filter

Email to Telegram

Expand your communication channels by sending Telegram messages instead of SMS. Varius Message Router enables your applications to send Telegram messages apart from SMS messages. Telegram messages can be sent using cellular data in offline environments.

How to configure

1. Create Telegram bot and chat group

2. Define HTTP Profile

  • Set Base URL: Telegram bot’s URL.
  • Create “Key/Value” field for chat group’s chat id.
  • Create “Key/Value” for message text.

3. Define Transmission Action

  • Set Delivery Method: HTTP.
  • Set “Use Cellular Data” if you wish to use send Telegram message using cellular data.
  • Select HTTP Profile configured in step 2.
HTTP profile for Telegram
HTTP profile for Telegram chatbot
action for Telegram
Select Delivery Method and HTTP Profile