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Send SMS

Follow the steps below to send SMS messages from Varius Message Router’s web interface.

1. Send SMS message

Navigate to Client Tools > Send SMS.

  1. The page allows you to send an SMS message.
  2. Groups: Select the contact groups to send SMS to the group members.
  3. Recipients: Fill in the mobile numbers in the textbox or click “Add Contacts” to select individual contacts to add.
  4. Message template:
    1. Select a message from the dropdown list and the message appears in the “SMS Message” field.
    2. Add
      Fill in new message in the “SMS Message” field and click “Insert New” to add a new message template.
    3. Edit
      Select a message template and enter its message in the “SMS Message” field. Click “Update” to save the information.
    4. Delete
      Select a message template and click “Delete”.
  5. SMS Message: Message to be sent.
  6. Schedule: If you need to send a scheduled message, click “No Schedule Set” link to create a schedule. 
    For more information, please refer to Scheduled Messages.
  7. Process the message with HTTP inbound filter: Select this option to apply HTTP inbound filter rules to the message and trigger the respective actions. The message will not be sent as SMS.
  8. Click “Clear” to clear the settings.
  9. Click “Send” to send the SMS message.