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Scheduled Messages

Scheduled messages are messages sent at a regular interval.
You can configure Varius Message Router to send out a daily heartbeat SMS to report that it is alive.

1. View scheduled messages

Navigate to Messages > Scheduled Messages.

  1. The page shows the list of scheduled messages.
  2. Edit schedule
    Edit schedule details by clicking the schedule link of a message and fill in the details. Click “Reset” to clear the information or click “OK” to save the information.
  3. Delete all messages
    Click “Delete All” to delete all messages.
  4. Export
    Click “Export All” to export the messages in CSV format.

Note: Restart the VMR service for any changes done.

Scheduled SMS messages

2. Schedule details

  • Start Date Time: The date and time the scheduled messages start.
  • Frequency: How frequent the messages are sent. If the dropdown list option is selected, the textbox value in minutes will be ignored.
    The first message is sent on “Start Date Time”.
  • End Conditions
    The schedule will end when any conditions are met
    • Stops If Number Of Messages Sent Equals: The schedule will stop when the number of messages have been sent. Set this value to 0 to ignore.
    • Stops If Exceeds Date Time: The schedule will stop after this time.

3. Create new scheduled SMS message

Navigate to Client Tools > Send SMS.

  1. The page allows you to send an SMS message.
  2. Recipients: Select the contact groups or fill in the recipients textbox.
  3. SMS Message: Select an option from the Message Template dropdown list or fill in the SMS Message textbox.
  4. Schedule: If no schedule is set, click “No Schedule Set” link to create a schedule based on the steps in section 2. Edit schedule details. Once the schedule is set, the schedule details appears.
  5. Click “Send” to send the scheduled message.

Create a heartbeat SMS message to alert recipients daily at 9am to report that Varius Message Router is alive.

Configure the Send SMS page with the following details:

  • Groups: Select a contact group so the group members will receive the scheduled message.
  • SMS Message: Varius SMS Heartbeat Check – OK.
  • Schedule:
    • Start Date Time: Select today’s date and set time to 9am.
    • Frequency: Daily.
    • End Conditions:
      • Stops If Number Of Messages Sent Equals: 0
      • Stops If Exceeds Date Time: Select a date two years in the future.