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Network Monitoring

Monitor your network infrastructure

network monitoring

Enterprise class monitoring system

Network monitoring refers to the practice of continuously observing and analyzing network traffic, devices, and infrastructure components to ensure optimal performance, availability, and security. It involves the use of specialized software tools or platforms that collect data from various network devices and systems, such as routers, switches, servers, and firewalls, and then analyze this data to provide insights into the network’s health and behavior. Varius Message Router is equipped with Zabbix, an enterprise class network monitoring system that can help monitor your organization’s network infrastructure.

Send alerts through multiple communication channels

When an issue is detected in your network infrastructure, such as a server failing to respond, sending your message through multiple communication channels is crucial for critical message delivery. Varius Message Router sends alerts in different message types including SMS, Telegram (via HTTP URL call), email, Syslog and SNMP traps.