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Inbound Messages

You can view the different types of inbound messages received by Varius Message Router.
The message types include HTTP, POP3/IMAP, SMS, SMTP, SNMP traps and Syslog.

1. View inbound messages

From main menu, access Messages > Inbound Messages.

  1. The page shows the list of inbound messages.
  2. View by message type
    Select the desired message type from the “Message Type” dropdown list to view the list of messages.
  3. Filter by message properties
    Search for messages based on message properties by entering the information in the textbox of each column header. Message properties include Transmission Date, Sender, Recipient, and Message Content.
  4. View received message
    Click the file icon in the “File” column to download the message in the form of a file. An SMTP message is saved in eml format so that you can view the actual message received.
  5. Delete message
    Delete a message by checking the checkbox beside a message and click “Delete”.
  6. Delete all messages
    Click “Delete All” to delete all messages.
  7. Export
    Click “Export Current” to export the messages in CSV format.
Inbound SMTP messages