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Inbound Filters

Inbound Filters are processing rules that apply to inbound messages. You can define processing rules for each type of inbound message that Varius Message Router receives.

1. Manage inbound filters

Navigate to Message Processing > Inbound Filters.

  1. View inbound filters
    Select “Inbound Message Type” to view the inbound filters specific to a message type.
  2. Add filter
    Click “Add Filter” to add a new inbound filter and fill in the details. Click “Insert” to save the information.
  3. Edit filter
    Edit filter details by clicking the “edit” icon beside its name. Click “Update” to save the information.
  4. Delete filter
    Click the “delete” icon beside a filter name to delete a filter.
  5. Change priority
    Varius Message Router runs through the list of filters from highest to lowest priority when it receives an inbound message. Once the conditions of a filter match the inbound message, the filter actions are applied to the message.
    Click the “up” and “down” arrow keys to change the priority of a filter. 

Note: Restart the VMR service for any changes done.

2. Inbound filter details

  • Add Condition: You can specify conditions based on the properties of inbound messages such as specifying the sender email for an inbound SMTP message. Different actions can be applied based on inbound message properties.
  • Name: Filter name.
  • Description: Description of what the filter does.
  • Assign Transmission Action: Select the actions to use for the inbound filter. You can click on the action name to edit the action.
  • Threshold:
    • None: The actions are performed for each inbound message.
    • Performs action only if X messages are received in Y seconds duration: The actions are performed only if certain number of messages are received within a specific duration. This option prevents excessive messages from being sent.
In our example, when an inbound SMTP message from sender “” is received, the action “SMS route” is applied.