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HTTP Profiles

A HTTP profile contains details of an URL used by Varius Message Router to send HTTP requests. This allows Varius Message Router to interact with resources on the web, such as APIs and websites. You can create a HTTP profile to connect to a Telegram bot to send Telegram messages.

1. Manage HTTP profiles

Navigate to Outbound Profiles > HTTP.

  1. View profile
    Select a profile from the “Profiles” dropdown list to view its details.
  2. Add profile
    Fill in new profile details and click “Insert” to add a new profile.
  3. Edit profile
    Select a profile and fill in its details. Click “Update” to save the information.
  4. Delete profile
    Select a profile and click “Delete”.
  5. Test connection
    Click “Send Test” to test the connection. The connection status will be shown. Verify that the test message is received.
    Note: Restart the VMR service for any changes done.
HTTP profiles

2. HTTP profile details

  • Profiles: List of existing profiles.
  • Profile Name: Name of profile.
  • POST / GET: Select the appropriate HTTP method.
  • Based URL: The initial part of the URL of the web resource that is fixed.
  • Key/Value: The list of key/value pairs configured.
    • Add
      Fill in new key/value pair details and click “Add” to add a new key/value pair.
    • Edit
      Select the key/value pair and fill in the details. Click “Save” to save the information.
    • Delete
      Select the key/value pair and click “Delete key/value”.
  • Key: The key of the key/value pair.
  • Value: The value of the key/value pair.
    You can select dynamic fields from the dropdown list such as “{MessageText}” which allows you to embed received message text to the URL or you can fill in a fixed text in the textbox.

Final URL

The final URL executed by Varius Message Router is a combination of the Base URL and the list of key/value pairs.

In the example given, the final URL is:{MessageText} where {MessageText} is replaced by actual message text received based on message processing rules.