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High Availability

Zero down-time for your mission critical application

high availability

Minimize your down-time with HA cluster

You can configure a high availability (HA) cluster using two units of Varius Message Router to provide continuous availability. In any case of failure, one device will fail over to another device, without any downtime.

Active-passive configuration

Varius Message Router high availability cluster is in active-passive configuration:

  • Two units of Varius Message Router as nodes.
  • Both nodes have same virtual IP address.
  • One node serves as the active instance (master), handling all incoming requests.
  • The other node (backup) remains passive, operating in standby mode.
  • In the event of the active node’s failure, a passive node swiftly takes over, ensuring continuity of service.

Master (active)

Backup (passive)

How to configure

Configure the High Availability page on both units of Varius Message Router:

  • Check “Enable High Availability”.
  • Set “Virtual IP Address”.
    This is the IP address your application will use to communicate with the high availability cluster.
  • Set “State”.
    The active node will be “Master” while the other node will be “Backup”
  • Click “Save”.