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Send Bulk SMS

Follow the steps below to send SMS messages in bulk with an Excel file from Varius Message Router’s web interface.

1. Send SMS messages in bulk

Navigate to Client Tools > Excel Send SMS.

  1. The page allows you to send SMS messages in bulk.
  2. Upload file
    1. Click “Sample file” to download the sample file.
    2. Fill in the receipt mobile number and SMS text for each row and save the file for bulk SMS sending.
    3. Click “Choose File” to select the file and click “Upload”.
  3. Send messages
    1. After upload, the number of messages in the file will be displayed.
      Excel send SMS after file upload
    2. Subject to HTTP Message Filter: Select this option to apply HTTP inbound filter rules to the message and trigger the respective actions. The messages will be determined by the rules.
    3. Click “Send” to send the messages.
Excel send SMS

2. File format

  1. The excel file for bulk SMS consists of two columns:
    • Recipient: The recipient mobile number.
    • Text: The SMS text to send to the recipient.
  2. Fill in the details for each row and save the file for bulk SMS sending.
Excel send SMS file format