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Environmental Sensor Logs

Maximize visibility with real-time logs and daily summary

Sensor logs

See your sensor measurements in real-time

To ensure your facility is operating in an optimum condition, you need dependable monitoring. Varius Message Router monitors and reports on each environmental conditions in real-time. The dashboards are interactive and allow you to filter and drill down into the underlying data for more granular assessment. Export the logs to csv format for import into other applications such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Gain insights from daily summary

The Daily Summary report for temperature, humidity and dew point measurements allows you to compare the maximum, minimum and average values for each day. The report helps you understand the trend of the environmental conditions and aids in your assessment on provisioning further enhancements to your facility.

Automated housekeeping and customizable logging rules

Flexible logging rules allow you to define the logging frequency of each measurement and the log retention period based on your compliance policy. The sensor logs are automatically purged after the retention period without manual intervention.