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Environmental Sensor Alerts

Receive instant alerts to mitigate hardware issues

temperature and humidity sensor configuration

Set thresholds and real-time alerts to detect issues as soon as they occur

When you can detect environmental issues in real time, you can better avoid equipment damage. Varius Message Router allows you to set customizable thresholds for different environmental conditions so you can identify an issue according to your unique demands. If an environmental condition exceeds the threshold, Varius Message Router delivers real-time alerts straight to you. With this proactive approach, you can prevent equipment damage before it affects your operations.

Eliminate false alarms with duration setting

Focus on real problems by eliminating false alarms due to rapid environmental condition spikes and recovery. Varius Message Router allows you to trigger alert only when an environmental condition exceeds threshold for a certain duration. For instance, you can set alerts to be sent only when temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. 

Send alerts through multiple communication channels

Sending your message through multiple communication channels is crucial for critical message delivery. Varius Message Router sends alerts in different message types including SMS, Telegram (via HTTP URL call), email, Syslog and SNMP traps.