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Email to SMS

Converts email to SMS message instantly

Varius Message Router with 8 dry contact inputs


sends email

Varius Message Router

Send SMS message with minimal changes

Applications that send emails can now send SMS messages easily. Simply change your application’s configured mail server to Varius Message Router to convert email to SMS message.

Expand your communication channels

Sending your message through multiple communication channels is crucial for critical message delivery. Varius Message Router converts an email to different message types including SMS, Telegram (via HTTP URL call), email and more. Recipients can receive email, SMS and Telegram message concurrently.

Customize your message content

Email content may not be totally suitable for concise SMS messaging. Varius Message Router offers you the flexibility to customize message content for each message type:

  • Add fields from original message such as email subject.
  • Add fields from contact information such as company name.
  • Add text and time.
  • Replace and remove text such as removing email footer.
  • Limit message length.