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Email Poller

Download emails and convert them to SMS messages

POP / IMAP profiles

Alternative email to SMS option

Varius Message Router provides an additional option for email to SMS with the Email Poller. The Email Poller monitors a POP3 / IMAP mailbox and converts incoming emails to SMS messages. Apart from SMS messages, you can also convert an email to different message types – SMS, URL call, SNMP traps, Syslog. 

Specifying recipients

You can specify the SMS recipients in the subject of the email sent to the monitored mailbox. The recipients can be a contact group or a mobile number. You can further apply message routing rules to generate different message types.

How to configure

1. Create POP3 / IMAP server profile to connect to the mailbox.

2. Create a Transmission Action for each message type you want to send.
In our example below, we send SMS.

3. Create Inbound Filter and select the Transmission Action created in step 2.