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Email Alert Profiles

An email alert profile is used by Varius Message Router to send sensor email alerts. It contains the details of an SMTP server to use and the respective email recipients.

1. Manage email alert profiles

Navigate to Sensors > Email Alert Profiles.

  1. View profile
    Select a profile from the “Profiles” dropdown list to view its details.
  2. Add profile
    Fill in new profile details and click “Insert” to add a new profile.
  3. Edit profile
    Edit profile details by selecting a profile and fill in its details. Click “Update” to save the information.
  4. Delete profile
    Delete a profile by selecting a profile and click “Delete”.
  5. Send test email
    Click “Send test” to send a test email using the selected profile. Verify that the test email is received.
sensor email alert profile

2. Send SMS alerts

You can configure an email profile that sends SMS alerts by specifying Varius Message Router as the SMTP server. This method utilizes the email to SMS functionality of Varius Message Router.

Configure the profile with the following details:

  • Profile name: VMR
  • Mail server name/IP: localhost
  • Mail server SMTP port: 25
  • User ID: [blank]
  • Password: [blank]
  • Enable SSL: No
  • Sender email:
  • Recipients email: [mobilenumber] or [group]

Sending to contact groups

You can configure the profile to send to a contact group and all members of the group will receive the alert message. 


  • Group Name: Alert Group
  • Email Alias: alertgroup

To send alert message to the above contact group, set the recipients email in the email alert profile to “”.

For more information on contact groups, refer to Manage Contacts.