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Dry Contact Inputs

Enables external devices to send alerts

varius message router with oled display and 8 dry contact inputs

Supports dry contact

Dry contacts are electrical contacts that are not connected to any source of power. These contacts are simply brought together or separated mechanically – open or close. Dry contacts are frequently used for monitoring and control purposes, such as detecting the status of switches, sensors, or alarms. Devices that provide dry contact outputs include UPS, power failure sensor, flood sensor, room entry sensor and more. 

Varius Message Router supports up to 8 devices with dry contact outputs. 

Set thresholds and real-time alerts to detect issues as soon as they occur


When you can detect environmental issues in real time, you can better avoid equipment damage. Varius Message Router allows you to set customizable thresholds for different environmental conditions so you can identify an issue according to your unique demands. If an environmental condition exceeds the threshold, Varius Message Router delivers real-time alerts straight to you. With this proactive approach, you can prevent equipment damage before it affects your operations.