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AVTECH Room Alert SMS Integration

Varius Message Router expands the messaging capabilities of AVTECH Room Alert devices. AVTECH Room Alert devices can send SMS, email and Telegram messages using Varius Message Router on-premise. The process involves setting Varius Message Router as the SMTP server for AVTECH Room Alert devices.

AVTECH Room Alert

1. Set SMTP server

  1. Access Settings > SMTP.
  2. Check “Email Enabled”.
  3. Check “Use SMS”.
  4. Set “Mail Server” to Varius Message Router’s IP address.
  5. Set “Return Address” to or any suitable email address.
  6. Set “Email Recipients” to email address with the format:
     <mobile_number> or <contact_group>
    Eg. If a contact’s mobile number is 91111111, his email address is
  7. Click “Send Test Email” to send a test SMS message
  8. Click “Save”.
AVTECH Room Alert SMTP setting