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Temperature Monitors and Alerts

Monitoring and alerting solution for critical facilities

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor critical facilities for environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, power, flood and much more. Get alerts when thresholds are breached via Email, SMS & SNMP traps and more.

Hardware SMS Gateway

Expand your application's communication channels for maximum reach to send SMS, Telegram, Email, Syslog & SNMP traps and more.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring temperature, humidity, power outage, flood and other environmental conditions is critical for maintaining safety, preserving equipment and ensuring optimal conditions across various critical facilities. Our solution ensures that any changes are detected instantly and your team is alerted in real-time for immediate resolution. Our solution helps to:

  • Protect your servers and IT equipment in Server Rooms and Data Centers.
  • Ensure product stability and efficacy in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.
  • Preserve quality and safety of perishable goods in food storage facilities.
  • Assist in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Hardware SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway plays a crucial role in enabling efficient and reliable communication through SMS messages. It enables you to send SMS text messages from a software application to a mobile phone (or other SMS-capable devices) over a telecommunications network. Our solution is more than an SMS gateway. It expands your application’s communication channels to send SMS, Telegram, Email, Syslog and SNMP traps for a wider reach. Our solution helps in the following use cases:

  • Customer Engagement: Marketing campaigns, transactional notifications such as order confirmations and general communication with customers.
  • Scheduling and Reminder Messages: Send timely reminders for appointments, meetings, or events.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Deliver secure authentication codes via text messages.
  • Emergency Messages: During emergencies to quickly disseminate critical information.

Varius Message Router

Varius Message Router allows your team to observe environmental conditions and receive alerts when thresholds are breached. Functioning as an SMS and messaging gateway, it enables your applications to send SMS, Telegram, Email, Syslog and SNMP traps for a wider reach.

Varius Message Router with 8 dry contact inputs

Key Features

Standalone Appliance

Varius Message Router is a hardware appliance with minimal dependency – no additional computer, software or internet needed.

Environmental Sensors

Delivers real-time monitor and alert of diverse environmental conditions - temperature, humidity, power outage, flood, smoke and more.

Dry Contact Inputs

Non-networked devices can now send Email, SMS and other network messages by connecting to the Dry Contact Inputs

Comprehensive SMS Gateway

Send SMS alerts using different protocols – SMTP, Email, HTTP GET / POST, Syslog, SNMP trap, SCP and more. Unlimited recipients and SMS messages. Rule-based message processing engine and contacts management.

Email to SMS

Enables applications that sends email alerts to send out SMS instantly without any modifications.

Supports Different Message Types

Send and receive messages in different protocol by convert your messages to different message types for your communications needs. Supports SMS Email, HTTP – URL call, SNMP traps and Syslog.

Use Cases

Send alerts in offline environments

Varius Message Router sends SMS and Telegram messages from secured environments without internet.

Send SMS from applications

Enables your business applications and monitoring systems to send SMS alerts even when internet is down.

Send high temperature and humidity alerts

Mitigate air-conditioning issues with high temperature and humidity alerts. Receive alerts for power outage, flood and more.